Emma Planinc


Emma Planinc is a PhD student of political theory in the Political Science Department at the University of Toronto.  Her research interests lie in early modern and enlightenment thought and contemporary political theory. Her dissertation - Regenerating Political Animals: Science and Politics in Eighteenth Century France - concentrates on the eighteenth-century transformation of the term ‘regeneration’ (régénérer) from a biblical, to scientific, to political concept, ultimately being employed in the French Revolutionary period to signify the distinctive capacity of human beings to remake, or reinvent, themselves in the world.

Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in The Canadian Journal of Political Science, The Review of Politics, and Political Theory.

Emma is a Northrop Frye Centre Fellow, a Graduate Associate at the Centre for Ethics, and has conducted her doctoral research funded by the Thomas and Beverley Simpson Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the CGS Doctoral Scholarship.  She received her MA in political theory from McGill University, and her BA in philosophy and literary studies from the University of Toronto.


Phd Candidate, University of Toronto